Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010 • Luther Red scheduled for first Acoustic Café

The first Acoustic Café of the year will feature the laid back sounds of Luther Red from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29 in the Lassen Community College’s cafeteria.

Brian Taylor, left, and Mike Rivas — two members of Luther Red.

The three-man band features retired CalFire captain Mike Rivas on drums, JDX radio personality Tyson Schroeder on bass and Times sports editor Brian Taylor on vocals and guitar.

“The audience can expect a reggae, rock and roll meets folky blue grass soul,” said Taylor, when asked the type of music they play.

The current trio has been playing for about nine months when Schroeder joined in after the Acoustic Café performance last year.

Rivas and Taylor have been playing together for more than a year and met while at an open mic after Words and Music at the Lassen County Arts Council.

“Rivas was expecting his friend to play, and I asked Rivas if he would help me out on drums. He came up and backed me up on a few tracks and it was just magic,” said Taylor. “The beats were there, the rhythm, everything felt really, really good.”

The story of the band name is almost as incredible as their sound.

“Luther Red was an African American gentleman that was serving in the Vietnam War and my friends’ father was serving also, and they found themselves in a (horrific) situation,” said Taylor. “There were 30 men, and they went into a situation where they were ambushed by the Viet Cong and 30 men in and 3 came out: two being Luther Red, and my friends’ dad.”

“My friend was telling me the story of how Luther had pulled his dad out of the fire fight and got them to safety and the name Luther Red just stuck in my name as really powerful name,” said Taylor.

Taylor began to create a list of potential names for a band and he allowed his friends to vote on the name.

“Everyone that had seen that paper, every single one of them, whether they had talked to each other or not, pointed to Luther Red as the ultimate band name and that’s what I went with,” said Taylor. “The band is a tribute to him: the man, the myth, the legend. And Luther Red is always maintaining the integrity of real music.”

Admission to the Acoustic Café performance is free and desserts will be provided courtesy of the Lassen County Arts Council.