Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014 • Authority picks three possible pool sites

The Honey Lake Valley Recreation Authority, funded by the city of Susanville and Lassen County, continues to move the community pool project forward.

At its Tuesday, Jan. 21 meeting, the authority’s governing board reviewed a preliminary analysis of 19 potential pool sites and selected the top three sites for a more detailed review.

The governing voted 4-0 to collect more information on the 800 South St. site (near the old Roosevelt Pool), the Credence High School site and the Mesa Street site.

President Brian Wilson and board members Larry Wosick, Nick McBride and David Meserve voted to direct staff to collect more information on the top three sites. Vice-president Jim Chapman left the meeting prior to the vote because he had to attend another meeting.

Tony Jonas, the former Roosevelt Pool manager and coach of the Lassen County Aquatics Team, inquired about the availability of the proposed Credence High School site.

Executive Officer Jared Hancock said there’s “a can of worms” in every analysis, and the Credence High School site is the one in this review.

Hancock said after examining property title records, the Susanville Elementary School actually owns the property, not the high school. And the property is leased to Lassen Community College. Hancock also said there may be a quick claim deed or some other document that may affect the ownership of the property.

Jonas asked if the owner was willing to sell the entire property including the building. He said if the owners weren’t willing to sell the property, the site should not be considered.

Selection criteria
According to the executive summary included with the pool site analysis, “A total of 19 sites were considered in the evaluation. One site was removed due to an unwilling seller and two sites were considered unfeasible due to excessive utility extension or property acquisition costs … The board approved 12 criteria to be sued to analyze each of the 19 potential sites … ”

The site selection criteria included: site size (8 points), location (15 points), time for acquisition (10 points), site acquisition cost (10 points) site preparation cost (10 points), utility extension costs (10 points), permitting time and cost (10 points), adjacent property constraints/conflicts (10 points), additional funding potential (4 points), opportunity cost (lost economic value) (10 points), potential for expansion (5 points) and general conditions (5 points) for a total of 117 points

The scores
Here are the 19 site scores based on the analysis.

The site at 800 South St., 93 points; Credence School, 90 points; Mesa Street, 90 points; Lassen County Fairgrounds, 89 points; Sierra Park, 88 points; Diamond Mountain Golf Course, 86 points; Sierra Pacific/Riverside Park, 86 points; Sierra Pacific Parkway, 84 points; Skyline Park West, 84 points; Skyline Park East, 83 points; Susanville Ranch Park, 82 points; Skyline City Lot, 80 points; Deal & Davie/Memorial Park, 79 points; Banner Hospital area, 73 points; Lassen Lands and Trail Trust, 72 points; Lassen Community College, 70 points; Inspiration Point, 69 points; Old CalTrans Lot, 67 points; Lassen Union High School, withdrawn due to unwilling seller. 

Roosevelt Pool
The authority board also directed staff to get estimates regarding an engineer’s analysis and repair cost analysis for Roosevelt Pool.

Susanville City Councilman Lino Callegari opposed the formation of the authority and said Roosevelt Pool building could be repaired and put back into service.

Wilson said the city never received any estimates of how much it would cost to repair the facility when it was closed, and the authority would like to know that amount before it made a decision to demolish the building.

Hancock said the authority should get an estimate for how much it would cost to get a permit to operate and a certificate of occupancy.

According to Hancock, there would be other costs before the facility could be put back in service such as a new air-handling system.

Jonas suggested the authority also should check with its risk managers since both the city and the county are self-insured.

The authority discussed a budget, and Chapman suggested the original budget should run through June 2014. He recommended the county not handle the authority’s finances.

The authority elected Wilson to continue to serve as president and Chapman to continue to serve as vice-president.

The authority’s next meeting will be held at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 4.