Tuesday, March 13, 2007 • Lassen High Cheerleaders perform in Hawaii

Publisher’s note: This story originally appeared in the Tuesday, March 13, 2007, edition of the Lassen County Times.

For five days, the Lassen High School cheerleaders were able to escape the snow and cold weather that Lassen County offers in February, and go to Honolulu, Hawaii and participate in the halftime show at the NFL Pro Bowl.

The cheerleaders won the chance to participate at the Pro Bowl by earning an overall Superior Performance rating at the Universal Cheer Association Camp in South Lake Tahoe in August. They also won the Camp Championship in cheer and stunt and in the dance competition.

Cheerleaders Jessica Romero, Miranda Harris, April Mussen, Wendy Romero, Ruby Rodriguez, Shayne Crum, Kim Massey, Heather Dean, Cassie Levy, Kiana Yancey, Megan Lee and Coach Jo Forsyth were just some of the 15 who made the trip and were able to perform at Aloha Stadium on Saturday, Feb. 11.

Once the team got off the plane, they were introduced to the Pro Bowl in a shocking way as San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates was in the airport with them.

“He signed autographs for everyone and was really nice,” Coach Forsyth said.

The team participated in the pre-game show where former American Idol contestant Jasmine Trias sang The Star Spangled Banner.

Each of the groups performing at the pre-game and halftime shows were part of the Universal Cheerleader Association or the All American Cheer and Dance associations.

After the pre-game show, the group was able to watch about 10 minutes of the game, according to Forsyth.

At halftime, one of the performances was a tribute to Polynesia. The kids on the field helped form a giant puzzle that looked like fish swimming with a giant volcano in the middle of the field that exploded with confetti and steam.

“The girls were moved to all four parts of the stadium during the halftime show,” Forsyth said.

The team was able to be close to the halftime performer Cheyenne Kimball, during the 8-½ minute show.

“The girls did a great job and had a lot of fun. They just wished they could have shown off more of their talents,” Forsyth said.

While over in Hawaii, it was not all work for the Grizzlies cheerleaders, as they had days off which allowed them to go shopping, visit the Waikiki Zoo and the beach, which was one block from the hotel.

“There was a lot of fruit, and everyone enjoyed the amount of fruit that was available,” Forsyth said.

Forsyth said the team’s goal for next year is to get back to the Pro Bowl.

After the game, the team was treated to a Luau and a block party on Waikiki.

As soon as the team got back from Hawaii, they traveled to Sacramento to participate in the Universal Cheerleading Association championships at the Event Center.

The team finished in first place in the small co-ed cheer, which is made up of fewer than 12 total members and fewer than four male participants.

“By taking first place we were able to qualify for the Nationals in Orlando,” Forsyth.

As a group, the team had a fun time and is already excited about the opportunity of being able to try and go back next season.