Tuesday, May 22, 2012 • Third grade Mother’s Day beef recipe essay contest winners

Publisher’s note: This story originally appeared in the Tuesday, May 22, 2012 edition of the Lassen County Times.

The Lassen County CattleWomen announce the winners of the annual Mother’s Day Beef Recipe Essay Contest. All Lassen County third-graders were invited to submit a story about their favorite beef recipe prepared by their mother with the annual theme being: “Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner.”

All three winners were given award certificates and red “Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner,” T-shirts and Burger King gift cards. Their mothers and teachers all received “The Healthy Beef Cookbook” and $5 gift certificates to purchase beef at either Idaho Grocery or Susanville Supermarket.

All students who submitted an essay received certificates, and all participating classes received “Beef gives you ZIP” (zinc, iron, protein) pencils and beef recipe/activity booklets from the California Beef Council to show them how cattle provide healthy, nutritious food and make other significant contributions to our lives.

The Lassen County CattleWomen would like to acknowledge all the moms who prepare delicious beef meals for their families, show appreciation to the teachers who encourage their students to participate in the annual writing contest, and congratulate the students who wrote such entertaining stories.

Here are the winning essays as written by each student.

First Place: Zayne Brown, of Fletcher Walker Elementary School
My mom cooks good beef recipes. My favorite meal is spicy taco soup. She prepares it first with a pan then she gets spices. She turns on the stove and warms it up. When it is done, she gets meat and puts it in the pan then she puts in spices. While it cooks she gets corn, beef, tomatoes and beans. Then she puts them in order, first she puts beef. Then second she puts in corn, then she puts in tomatoes, last, but not least, beans.

The soup takes about 30 minutes to cook. While it is cooking she gets silverware and spoons and drinks. When she is done with that she puts the juice from taco beef in the soup. Then she stirs it, when the soup is done she puts it in our bowls and gets napkins and lays them out in our spots.

Then she calls us for dinner and I smell taco soup. Yum! Then we eat — when me, Zeke, Zoie and mom are done washing our hands. We dig in and it tastes so good and yummy. My mom cooks good! The End.

Second Place: Caleb Montgomery, of Janesville Elementary School
My favorite beef recipe is Rosemary Garlic Tri-Tip. The tri-tip my mom makes is great but hard to chew. Take some chopped rosemary, some garlic, a little olive oil. Then grab some brown sugar and, a bit of salt. She puts in garlic powder. Then she puts in onion powder. She puts in some garlic salt. Some pepper. She puts in white wine. She adds the tri-tip. She cooks at 100 F. For some reason I don’t think that’s right.

Third place: Coleton Lewis, Long Valley Charter School
When my (mom) makes beef stroganoff it is the best in the world. When she makes it she grills five pounds of beef and then she boils three boxes of noodles. Then she seasons the meat with sea salt and a little bit of garlic. Then my mom cuts the meat and gets out the white sauce. Then she opens it and dumps it on the noodles and mixes it up with the meat. Then I get two bowls and fill the bowls with beef stroganoff and we eat all of the beef stroganoff. My mom makes the best beef stroganoff.