Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017 • First class graduates from the Citizen Academy

Community members participating in the Citizen Academy sponsored by the Susanville Police Department completed the 12-week program and received certificates of achievement Nov. 14.

Participants in the first Citizen Academy pictured left to right Officer Richard Warner (instructor), Robert Hall, Jimmy Jackson Jr., Sean Domondo, Gary Bridges, Sherry Bridges, Darrell McChamber, Marshel Couso, Jimjyot Malhi, April Johnson, Tammy Gray, Sukhjinder Malhi, Jessica Jimenez, Daniel Schlueter, Matt Johnson II.  Pamela Cortez is not pictured.

During the final session, participants shared what they thought about the program and what they got out of it. Most, if not all, thanked the police department for what they do every day for the community.

“Law enforcement is a part of our community … and we all need to acknowledge that,” Marshel Couso said. “We hear a lot of criticism of law enforcement and that criticism – after taking this class – is so unfounded.”

She also recommends the academy to anybody.

Officer Richard Warner, who was the primary instructor of the academy, thanked everyone who participated as well as the businesses and organizations that contributed to the academy.

Chief of Police John King thanked the participants for sticking with the academy and completing it. He also challenged them to share the knowledge they gained with others in the community.

Mayor Kathie Garnier and city councilmembers, Mendy Schuster and Kevin Stafford and Dan Newton, interim city administrator, were among those attending the final session and graduation of the academy.

King said the Susanville Police Department plans to hold another Citizen Academy, but shared it takes a lot of time and planning. Several participants of the first class offered their help with the next academy.