Two Lassen shelters serve nearly 300 Dixie Fire evacuees

The two shelters in Susanville are serving just under 300 evacuees, according to Danielle Sanchez with Lassen County Health and Social Services, and the community and assisting agencies are making sure the needs of those staying at the two Lassen locations are met.

“Our community has been amazing and gracious and these supplies are stacking up. They have met all the needs of the evacuees, one way or another,” said Sanchez during the Tuesday, Aug. 10 Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting.

The evacuees at the two locations, Lassen Community College and Lassen High School, hail from the Chester, Westwood, Greenville, Canyon Dam and Hamilton Branch areas.

According to the Susanville Salvation Army Tuesday, the college is still working on providing snacks for those residing at the shelter. At the college location, they are looking for donations of yogurt, apples, diabetic friendly snacks and some microwave-friendly bowls. On Monday, the local organization noted the LHS center was seeking individual coffee creamers, Ziploc bags (large and sandwich size) and paper towels.

The shelter does plan on transitioning out of the high school by Friday of this week to allow for the campus to prepare for the start of school, and if the need for the shelter remains, the county does have a new location secured.