A wide view of Thompson Peak seen while crossing the meadow walking toward the Bagwell Creek Trail Bridge Monday, April 29.

Up then down Susanville Ranch Park’s Coyote Bluff

Just two days before the month of May, a friend and I headed back to Susanville Ranch Park to hike around Coyote Bluff.

We again started at the parking lot trailhead and continued straight on the trail until we reached the split in the trail, where we could continue west down the Canyon Trail or head north up to Coyote Bluff.

This time, we hiked up the bluff, where it turns into a heavily forested climb up the backside of the bluff.

Reaching the top of the bluff offered us a place to rest and enjoy the view of the city to our east, the seemingly endless sea of trees to our north, and just cresting over the trees to our south the helipad situated across the valley on the hill overlooking Coyote Bluff.

The top of the bluff also gives the option to hike a tougher set of switchback trails if you head north, but we took the easy trail and headed east down the bluff back toward the meadow below.

Reaching the bottom of the hill, we decided to cut across the valley on the Dry Meadow Trail, where the view of a very green Ranch Park fills the view, along side Thompson peak settling into the backdrop.

Our final rest was just after crossing the small trail bridge where Dry Meadow Trail meets the Bagwell Creek Trail.

Following the winter we had, Bagwell Creek ran as clear as glass, and with expediency I have not seen in years due to the drought.

After our rest next to the creek we headed onto the final leg of our hike onto the Twin Pines Trail where the two giant pines on the left side give the trail its name.

Then at the end we were treated to the unnamed creek, which separates Ranch Park from the sports fields, that was a rushing brook with wild flowers growing on each side.

Next week I will be heading off to Canyon Trail and looping back around the Old Paul Bunyan Road at Susanville Ranch Park.

If you have any photos you would like to share of your trips on the trails of Lassen County send them to me, Brian Walters, at sports@lassennews.com.