Graffiti is visible on many locations around Susanville, including the Monsignor Moran Hall. Photos by Makenzie Davis

Vandals tag Susanville

Vandals leave their mark in red paint at Memorial Park, vandalizing the skate park and the Rotary stage.

Reports of vandalism were rampant Monday morning, July 31, and the police are seeking help from the community.

According to a statement from the Susanville Police Department, graffiti, made by unknown persons, showed up around the areas of Ash Street, North Roop Street, North Weatherlow Street, Fifth Street and others.

The majority of the graffiti was in red paint and, according to the statement, “The graffiti appears to boast gang related statements and the ‘marking’ of territory.”

The department is working to identify the perpetrators of the “vile acts.”

Anybody with information regarding the vandalism around town is encouraged to contact the police department. Any person wishing to remain anonymous may call the tip line at 502-8477 (TIPS).

The department noted it was especially interested in evidence that may have been left behind at a scene, such as a painted hand or fingerprint, or any residential or business video that could have captured a suspect or vehicle.

2 thoughts on “Vandals tag Susanville

  • Since Bloods don’t exactly welcome Whites or Hispanics into their ranks, I think the pool of possible suspects is pretty small in this town.

    • I doubt the child that spray painted that is an actual “blood”, or black like Craig here has insinuated.

      Probably a young bored kid, since Susanville never invests in things for their youth to be engaged in. Instead of thinking its cool to play sports, have an arcade, etc., Susanville kids think it’s cool and edgy to spray paint.

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