Vote notified for LaMalfa’s Disaster Tax Relief legislation that exempts taxes of wildfire settlement payments

The House of Representatives released a notification that H.R. 5863, The Federal Disaster Tax Relief Act, would be considered for a vote the week of May 20. H.R. 5863 includes Congressman Doug LaMalfa’s bill, H.R. 4970, Protect Innocent Victims Of Taxation After Fire Act.

In January 2024, the Federal Disaster Tax Relief Act and the Protect Innocent Victims Of Taxation After Fire Act were included in a larger bipartisan tax deal that included many other non-disaster relief related provisions.

Despite passing out of the House by a wide majority, 357-70, the Senate has yet to take up the package due to the non-disaster tax relief provisions. In order to speed up relief for disaster survivors, a bipartisan group of 218 Members of Congress advanced a discharge petition late Wednesday night to require the House to bring H.R. 5863, the Federal Disaster Tax Relief Act, to the House floor for a vote.

This is only the third time a House discharge petition has succeeded in the last 22 years. The bill will be considered under suspension of the rules, a streamlined process that sidesteps the Rules Committee’s approval and amendment process but requires a two-thirds majority for passage.

“A vast group of bipartisan lawmakers want disaster survivors to receive the financial relief they expect,” LaMalfa said. “It is very likely this initiative will pass out of the House once more by another large margin next week. Time after time, everyone has said there is no opposition to this bill concept, but it has been included with a package that ended up being controversial. Now we have the clean, standalone bill I had hoped to achieve from Day One.”