Ben Wade directs the Susanville Symphony Orchestra.

Wade to play the National Anthem at a Buffalo Bills game at 10 a.m. Sunday on CBS

Susanville Symphony maestro Ben Wade has been invited to play the National Anthem at an upcoming Buffalo Bills game at 10 a.m. this Sunday?

What? How in the world does a trumpet monkey from little old Susanville wind up on national television performing at a professional football game? Wade explains and shares his story.

He said he’s always been a Bills’ fan, and “when the Rams moved out of LA and the Raiders moved out of Oakland, who else am I going to root for?”

So Wade played the Bill’s theme song (“You Know You Make Me Want To Shout”) and posted it on social media and the Bill’s won that day. He posted another video the next week, and they won again.

“The Bills started following me, and I posted again and they won again, and the Bill’s front office said, ‘What’s your address,’ and they sent me $1,000 worth of Bill’s gear. I thought that’s a cool little partnership. So, I played a bunch of songs, and they won every game, and I hadn’t posted this year until they were 6 and 6 for the season. So, I posted a video and they won. I predicted they were going to beat the Cowboys, and they spanked the Cowboys who had the best record in the league at that time, and they won again. Then I predicted they were going to win the division. For them to win they had to win their last three games and the Dolphins had to lose two of their last three game, so mathematically at 6-6 for them to win the division it was like more than 100 to 1. I should have put $5,000 bucks on them, and I’d have half a million in the bank right now! But they did. I posted five times, and they won five times.”

Overall, Wade said he’s posted his trumpet playing 14 times, and they’ve won all 14 games.

According to Wade, “We call it the magic trumpet. The Bills reached out to me and said, ‘If we get a home game, we’d like you to play the National Anthem. That was when they had three games left and there still wasn’t good probability.  I’m a spiritual man, I prayed about it, and I feel from the very beginning God has kind of like opened up these doors that normally wouldn ‘t be opened and made it happen, so here we are. I’m flying in this Friday, and Sunday before the jet planes do their flyover, I’ll be playing on CBS at 10 o’clock our time.”

Wade said he feels”truly blessed,” but he’s concerned because the weather is supposed to be “22 degrees and freezing, and I’m a little bit nervous about that because that’s not so good for trumpet players, but I’m ready to go.”