Entering the Piute Creek Trail, this sign can be seen nailed to a tree. Photo by Brian Walters

Walking along Piute Creek

After my recent hike up Heart Attack Hill I tried for something a little easier on the knees. It was a trail I had missed some weeks back when looking at the Ranch Park trail map.

It was the Piute Creek Trail that runs below the Helipad trail it is a small indiscreet trail that I overlooked but the morning of Wednesday, July 3, I gave the small trail a shot.

From the parking lot, I made my way south toward the old dairy building and then cut west on the Old Paul Bunyan Logging road till I found myself at the fork leading either up to the helipad or down the Piute Creek Trail.

The trail starts in the shade with trees flanking both sides of the trail from the creek bed on my left to the rocky hillside on my right.

All the cotton from the cotton wood trees gave the sides of the trail an almost snow like look, as it was on the trail all the way through until the trail opened up behind the houses on Cherry Terrace.

Entering the wider trail as the houses on my left loomed overhead the small patch of private land to my right where the Piute Creek runs kept rolling was still an amazing sight.

My trip ended with me hitting Cherry Terrace and making my way back toward the Ranch Park parking lot.

Remember if you have any photos and/or experiences of your time on the trails of Lassen County send them to me Brian Walters at sports@lassennews.com