We Are Lassen celebrates students, staff

As students once again fill the halls at Lassen High School, they are learning about a new program dedicated to recognizing and honoring the good of all on campus.

The We Are Lassen initiative is focused on celebrating those on campus who demonstrate the characteristics the school represents: being welcoming, excellent and respectful, and exhibiting loyalty, authenticity, strength, success, being engaged and noble. The values form the acronym We Are Lassen.

“We’re extremely excited about it,” Lassen High School Assistant Principal Josh Blackburn told the board of trustees during the Tuesday, Aug. 14 meeting.

Blackburn added that everyone is on board with the program.

“I truly think it will change this school,” he said. “There’s nothing holding us back.”

Every month, a characteristic from the acronym will be chosen, Students will have the ability to recognize any staff member and any staff member can recognize students.

Once students are recognized for attributing that designated characteristic, they will receive a ticket, which will prompt them to head up to the office to receive a bracelet with that month’s word. They will also get to enter a weekly drawing for a We Are Lassen T-shirt, which can only be won through a Friday drawing.

For teachers or staff who are recognized, students will go to the office and nominate someone who has made an impact on him or her, and then, if a teacher, will get to briefly interrupt their class and honor them.

During this first week back at school, all students will receive a glow-in-the-dark We Are Lassen bracelet.

Emphasizing the new theme on campus even more, Blackburn said there are numerous banners throughout campus, and in every classroom, detailing the new program.

He thanked the board during the meeting for allotting the funds needed to implement the program.