We live in the most haunted house-obsessed state

Halloween is creeping upon us, attracting the attention of Ghostbusters across the nation. But with ghost stories dating back centuries around the world, which U.S. states are the most haunted house-obsessed?

AirportParkingReservations.com took a deep dive into all things ghost-related to reveal the states that are most obsessed with haunted houses. They examined the number of searches for haunted houses, haunted house reports, and the number of ghost stories and Ghost Adventures episodes filmed in each state — and California named the most ghost-obsessed state, the number one spot in the US for paranormal lovers.

The data revealed that there are 431 searches for ‘haunted house’ per 10,000 residents, with 45 total episodes from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures being filmed in the state. Ghost Quest, a ghost reporting site, found 1,351 total haunted locations have been reported.

The Big Apple came in second, with New York having the second-highest number of episodes filmed within the state, and with a total of 1250.3 searches for ghosts for every 10,000 residents.

Nevada came in third across the nation — the state came in number one among haunted house searches per 10,000 residents with 1322 searches per 10,000. Pennsylvania and Ohio round out the top five among the most haunted house-obsessed states.

Using the Google Keyword Tool, we were able to reveal the number of searches for haunted houses and ghosts. Data was then analyzed across Ghost-hunted and Ghost Adventures episodes to see where each episode was filmed across the nation. Finally, Ghost Quest data was analyzed to reveal the number of indexed haunted buildings in each US state. This data was then ranked and indexed across the US to create a ranking.

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