‘Weed people’

We the people, not “weed the people” — pun intended. Recently it was brought to my attention that earlier this summer there was a certain group of people who felt signature gatherers against the current city of Susanville cannabis ordinance were in a roundabout way, badgering residents into signing a petition that opposes indoor commercial marijuana grows and up to three dispensaries within city limits.

How can more than 1,000 individual signatures collected be browbeaten against their own remission into signing something that they obviously disapprove of? I am sorry for those who are unwilling to admit or accept what proof of signatures offered to them as true. We the people of Susanville still have the right to vote about what goes on in this city.

Unfortunately, many folks are not even aware of this cannabis ordinance, the locations intended for the indoor grows and the non-specific wording written into the upcoming voting ballot. This ordinance needs to continue being thoroughly explained so we the people can fully understand the pros and cons and long term consequences of what the city of Susanville residents would be allowing or denying.

With three out of five city council members and a handful of others really pulling out all the stops to ram this ordinance through, one would think that these individuals would consider the silent majority. I am referring to Susanville’s youth of today and tomorrow. We need to continue to stand up for the young adults who will be enticed every day of the week to fight their conscience and just say “no” to another temptation that inevitably could end up being one more habitual addiction to overcome later in life.

Jacqui Henry