Westwood felon faces at least 26 new felony charges

An investigation by the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office following contact with a felon allegedly in violation of domestic violence order resulted in a slew of new felony charges.

Some of the items seized by the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office during an investigation into a Westwood man last week that also turned up explosives.

According to a statement from the LCSO, deputies working proactive patrol responded to a Westwood storage unit Saturday, Feb. 24 during which they contacted Westwood resident Anthony Kauwe.

During the course of their contact, deputies learned that Kauwe was in violation of a domestic violence protective order, and they placed him under arrest.  Kauwe was searched following the  arrest, and deputies discovered Kauwe in possession of a controlled substance, ammunition and tear gas.  Deputies also confirmed Kauwe was a convicted felon, and he was arrested on multiple drug and weapon-related charges.

On Saturday, March 9, deputies executed a search warrant on Kauwe’s storage unit where deputies discovered several firearms, a large quantity of ammunition, fentanyl, scales and explosive devices.  The Shasta County Interagency Bomb Squad responded, evaluated the explosive devices and took possession of them for proper disposal. Kauwe remains in custody at the Lassen County Jail.

The LCSO forwarded the case  to the Lassen County District Attorney Office for prosecution on the following charges: 13 counts of felon in possession of a firearm, 13 counts of possession of an explosive device, possession of a stolen firearm, possession of a loaded firearm while in possession of a controlled substance, possession of an assault weapon, felon in possession of a flare gun, felon in possession of ammunition and possession of narcotics.

The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office appreciates the hard work of the deputies who handled this investigation.  In addition, the office thanks the Shasta County Interagency Bomb Squad for its assistance.