Westwood’s Blue Ox Cafe, chocolatiers share sweet treats made from 150-year-old recipes

If you’re a chocolate lover, the Blue Ox Cafe’s Saturday Social, held from 5 and 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21, definitely was the place to be as candy makers Bee and Gerald Reed shared some 150-year-old old chocolate recipes and offered free samples to the public.

Chocolatier Gerald Reed shares samples made from his 150-year-old recipes at the Blue Ox Cafe, Saturday, Oct. 21. Photos by Sam Williams

Fearing they might be lost to the world, Gerald Reed shared the old, award-winning candy making recipes and chocolate formulas from England with Blue Ox owner Cecilia Allin. Sweet Treats made from the old recipes are available by preorder at the Blue Ox.

Tasters line up to get a free sample of some old world chocolate. Photos by Sam Williams

According to a Facebook post, “Gerald and Bee said it was so important to them to get to meet the community, and they have just fallen in love with everyone here. Thank you for making them feel welcome.”

As one attendee munched a free sample that included raspberries and walnuts, he said this was the best chocolate of that kind he’d ever eaten.

A teenager samples some delicious chocolate at the Blue Ox Cafe Saturday, Oct. 21.

For more information or to grab a bite, visit the Blue Ox Cafe at 313 Birch St. in Westwood or call (530) 816-0956.