What if ‘fake news’ isn’t all that’s fake?

What if things are not as they seem? What if we not only have fake news, but fake history, education, science, and more?  What if our world is far more Orwellian than presumed?

Imagine if, after the Civil War, certain enterprising and gifted men, such as John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and J. P. Morgan, used the free market philosophy to gain great wealth and monopolistic power over oil, steel, railroads and banking. These men were funding the politicians who would protect their interests from “real” legislative control over their monopolies.

What if they saw even greater wealth and power in expanding their influence to the world arena and financed a president, William McKinley, who with a little help from “yellow journalism,” enticed the United States into war against Spain, which win, netted America rich, lush, and lavish colonial colonies?  These possessions never benefited average Americans, who had to provide the brawn, blood and money to keep the Philippines under subjection while the capitalists reaped huge benefits and profits.

What if these moneyed elite saw the need to create an influence organization, the Council on Foreign Relations, to make certain that they never lost their newfound power to guide foreign policy and future presidents? For almost 100 years this organization seated a third of the cabinets of all presidents yet it is never mentioned on globalist media outlets. They did this by infiltrating with CFR members the Republican and Democratic Parties and ignoring all other parties. J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller purchased all major media streams of news (information) so that the internationalist view alone dominated. Some form of managed news, fake news, has existed since 1921.

What if these moneyed interests came to the conclusion that to properly manage the world a type of world governance needed to be created which resulted in the League of Nations? But the Constitution, if interpreted as written, would allow no government over it and their efforts, accepted and implemented by internationalists in Europe, was rejected in the United States.  Our failure to join eventually ended the League.

What if the globalists used World War II to reignite their world government effort with a United Nations, the Rockefeller’s even providing the property for it?  Its function and purpose they knew would be enlarged with time until it would be the only real government. U.S. wars thereafter, the Korean and Vietnamese Wars, were UN — not U.S. — initiated wars. But America was still resisting allowing the UN total government.

Failing this, what if the new plan became to instead unite nations of Europe into the European Union and the nations of North American (Canada, Mexico and the U.S.), using the model of the EU, into the North American Union and likewise for 20 other regions of the globe into what is called regional government?  Nationalism would be destroyed and these regions later would surrender sovereignty to the world government of the United Nations.

The plan required fake history, or at least history that did not link the above. Textbooks and history classes must be made to show the benefits of global union and the UN as a benevolent organization. No one should ever accept that we had been led by the moneyed elite to lose our Constitution as the supreme document of the land, as well as our freedom, sovereignty and independence, for a global government that guaranteed none of these things.

What if the plan required fake science, first global warming, which could not be confirmed over time, and thus was changed by advocates to climate change, which does change seasonally and over time, but still lacks clear documentation that man actually is the agent of that change?  What is missed in the argument, and the probable reason it is still seriously discussed, is that it benefits the globalist.  If viewed as a globalist problem it therefore requires a world government solution.

The plan required fake education at least in the above categories and peripheral areas of sociology and political science as well.  As world government requires total control, first mind control through education then force for those not “properly” educated. A philosophy opposite limited government is the only government that could work. Socialism, which never worked in the USSR, China, North Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela or any other place on earth, must be made to be a part of the intended new world order.  World socialism would allow no competing ideologies; no place to flee.  This philosophy permeates university campuses today.  I had few colleagues who did not advocate it.

The plan required fake news.  All the globalist news outlets are owned by the moneyed elite and promote the fake history, fake science, and fake education scenario as described above.  Today parents send their young adults to college to be educated but instead they are largely propagandized and return home advocates of something their parents oppose.  Perhaps it is time to drop the “what if” in the above scenario.