Where I Stand – California is at a crossroads

California is at a crossroads and it is more serious than most people think. The choices voters make in this election on Nov. 3 will determine whether we continue to enable criminals to damage our society and whether we will allow an ever expanding California government to raise property taxes and destroy jobs and the economy. These ballot initiatives are always confusing and every voter should consider these carefully.

This is a summary of three critically important measures and recommended yes or no votes that will protect the safety of California taxpayers on this years’ ballot in California.

As you know misleading and manipulated ballot measures have been wreaking havoc with the quality of life in California for many years. This year is no different. The state of California is supporting Proposition 15 which will raise property taxes and opens the door for eliminating protections that were fought for and won by the citizens and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association many years ago, the famous Prop 13.

Two other ballot measures are critical to the safety of our citizens and quality of life in California. Propositions 20 and 25 are honest and needed reversals of “No-money bail” and the disastrous Proposition 47 and Proposition 57 that reduced many, many crimes to misdemeanors which local officials do not spend resources to prosecute.


Vote no on Proposition 15

This measure is crafted to break the protections offered by the Landmark Proposition 13 that protects California businesses and residential property owners from unsustainable increases in property taxes.  The California Attorney General is an advocate of this tax increase and has written the proposition summary in a manner that implies all is well and this is just a way to increase funding for public schools and colleges.  This is not true. It is another attack on businesses and working people in California and will collect between $7.5 and $12 billion to continue to grow government in California. Vote no on Proposition 15.


Vote Yes on Proposition 20

Vote yes on Proposition 20, the Keeping California Safe Act.  This will help correct the mistakes of Prop 47, 57 and AB 109 laws that now allow criminals to run roughshod over our communities and commit serious and violent offenses with no consequences. We all know that crime is out of control and it is largely due to Prop 47 and 57.

Under current provisions and rulings subsequent to passage of Prop 47, 57 and AB109, rape of an unconscious person is considered non-violent, serial arsonists are considered non-violent, trafficking a child for sex is considered non-violent, assault on a peace officer is considered non-violent, domestic violence is considered non-violent.

Think about that for a minute, where does this lead our society? And of course shoplifting is decriminalized allowing people to boldly steal from stores harming our businesses and our communities. How far do we let the apologists for criminal behavior go? We must not allow these constant attacks on a lawful and civil society to continue. Vote yes on Proposition 20 to reclassify certain crimes as serious.


Vote no on Proposition 25

A no vote will repeal the dangerous no money bail system in California. This initiative is very important to repeal changes enacted by SB 10.  SB 10 passed and signed by the governor in 2018 is one of the worst laws ever in California.  It is currently stayed by Court Order until this November election.  If you vote no on Prop 25 we can get rid of dangerous reforms called for by SB 10.

As we have seen in New York and other states with no cash bail systems, violent people are released pretrial immediately after booking bad things happen. Lets say a violent abuser is arrested and charged for the crime of domestic violence and assault.  Guess what, in one of these cases in New York (a no cash bail state) there is video of a violent abuser attacking his girlfriend or wife in the Police Department lobby upon his release hours after being arrested for assaulting her earlier. In many other cases criminals have been released pretrial and have located and killed, injured, maimed, and intimidated victims or witnesses of their outrageous crimes.

This SB 10 no cash bail system enables and allows violent criminals to be released on their own recognizance and many will victimize society time after time upon their release from jail after booking and having no bail imposed. Are we going to let this continue? Let’s allow Judges to do their jobs, protect victims, and set appropriate bail based on the current bail guidelines. Vote no on Proposition 25.