Where is California really headed?

The Lost in Space television series aired 58 years ago.  “Robbie” was a B-9 class M-3 General Utility non-theorizing environmental control robot.  A bubble-headed booby.  Humanoid or human, do we have a choice?

“Optimus, the company’s humanoid robot, will be building a better future for humanity,” said billionaire Elon Musk.

Striking a deal with the modern-day space cowboy Musk and California Governor Gavin Newsom recently agreed to a Fremont, California Tesla car factory as the new global engineering headquarters. Palo Alto being the second headquarters.

“Not Havin’ Gavin” to quote Laura Ingram from her show the Ingram Angle, makes it clear that the governor of California continues to be a spectacle amongst the citizens of our state and nation, along with the “Fifth Element” space cadet supporters. How can one be for “Earth First” and AI technology at the same time?

With sub-zero approval ratings, and three recalls to his legacy, Newsom is “Ridden with Biden.” Gavin and Joe are two prime examples of predators.  The definition of a predator is a person who ruthlessly exploits others, a shark, wolf, destroyer, devourer.

In all fairness to our Commander-in-Chief,  Dr. Jill Biden and the current administration should be held accountable for senior elder abuse of a dementia patient. Where is a doctor’s most recent medical examination  of our “leader” report?

Every day our nation is witnessing dereliction of duty, ruthless exploitation, wide open U.S. borders, child exploitation, kidnapping, drugs, murder, cartel related criminals.

In New York the dwelling unaffiliated stay at a 5-star hotel, free room service, three paid meals per day costing NYC $5 million a day to provide for their wellbeing, according to the N.Y. Post, March 3, 2023.

Immigrants are of no threat to our government, (but uncooperatve, defiant Americans are), flooding in from other corrupt third world countries to be cluelessly shipped all around our major and smaller, barely thriving, cities.  Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

Meanwhile, our illustrious governor is “saving” California by forcing the working class to leave the state.  Seven hundred thousand (and growing,) people have left California in the last 24 months, with immigration offsetting the state’s population numbers, according to the California Insider.

Thanks to the governor for dismissed felonies, misdemeanors, criminal protective orders and closing prisons due to “curbing” prison demands.
How do you fix a deliberately decaying society with decades of policies and last-minute law changing schemes?

Newsom’s solution, to name a few, is to repurpose state owned closed facilities with solar based wind turbines, organic waste systems, eliminate carbon emissions and create rehab centers intended to help inmates re-enter society with future job potentials.  End result, no jobs, no work. For some its back to a more quick and profitable income, crime.

Newsom’s administration is straight out of Alice in Wonderland, where we are all left to wonder how Gavin can screw up this state any more than he already has, heading down the rabbit hole.

Another political game plan is to pay a distinguished group of people income redistribution, which is perpetuating racial divide along with proposed reparations, a backwash to the past, that is fiscally irresponsible.

Barbados West Indies, 17th century, native and imported Indians, black Africans and white Europeans were imported as slaves. Young men were (still are) deceived by unscrupulous agents who sold them into bondage. Currently around 46 percent of the homeless drug addicted in the USA are men.

When you are ridden with Biden which Gavin is, your one agenda is a twisted, biased global ideology where American politicians have finally succeeded in forfeiting our medical and personal sovereignty to the U.N. and World Health Organization which can legally authorize international lockdowns and mandates to report citizen data including their DNA and other information, in part to restrict travel.

California has a  state deficit of $32 billion, blaming winter storms, along with being a nanny state. The only way out of poverty is aid.  The American Rescue Plan Act. The COVID relief money is already spent.  Create a crisis, hoodwink the people, then bail them out.

“Tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect because the people are too damn dumb to know the difference,” said Harry Hopkins, FDR’s closest advisor, architect and Czar of the New Deal, 1929 American Depression.

Call me a “woman” of doubt, cynical or pessimistic, or perhaps maybe a person of faith or a realist.  I ask Mr. Newsom, where the wine is always flowing before the storm, and the Jokers mess continues, “How long will you speak these things and the words of your mouth be like a strong wind” (hot air)?