Who says girls can’t hang with the boys?

In our neck of the woods, sports is a big part of life. Whether you’re young, old, male, female, left or right handed, it doesn’t matter. Sports and Susanville go hand in hand.

This goes double for local sports buff Lucy Olson. Olson has done everything you can imagine in the world of Susanville sports, from soccer, to basketball, softball and baseball.

Olson started her love of sports at 4 years old, when she began playing soccer and baseball. She then started in the farm league for softball but tenacity and competition called, and she stepped up to bat with the boys in the minors Little League.

Following that, she moved on to a traveling softball team, then traveling baseball team and finally moving up to the majors in Little League baseball.

Olson’s love of baseball extends past the Little League season into summer when she takes up any baseball camp she can, even going so far as to win the home run derby at the LCC baseball camp.

When winter rolls around and the ball and bat are put away, Olson makes her way to basketball. In fourth and sixth grade, her basketball teams won the championship and both times she was awarded all-tourney.

Over the years, Olson has participated in sports for Shaffer School such as cross country, volleyball and basketball. As a sixth grader she played on the seventh and eighth grade basketball teams.

The seventh grade team took first place and the eighth grade team finished second for the season.

For her age, Olson is the epitome of Lassen County sports, and any Lassen County team is lucky to have her.