Wolf kill confirmed on South County grazing allotment

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife acknowledged a confirmed wolf kill on a private grazing allotment in Southern Lassen County.

According to the CDFW wolf website, the state agency contacted a rancher after “clustered GPS locations” from a Lassen Pack wolf potentially indicated a carcass on his allotment on Oct. 19. The rancher investigated and found a dead adult cow.

CDFW and USDA investigators found tooth scrapes on the hide and hemorrhage that indicated the cow had been attacked by a predator.

A collared wolf from the Lassen Pack (LAS09F, a 2-year-old female from the 2018 litter) was at the carcass the morning of Oct. 18 and later than evening. Wolf tracks were found in the area.

According to the website, “Evidence confirmed the cow was killed by wolves.”