Work continues to improve Susanville’s city streets

Some of Susanville’s city streets will see a fresh new sheen come September. Others will see an upgrade to their profiles including ADA access ramps and repair to damaged curb, gutter, driveways and sidewalks for pedestrians.

Funding for these projects will come entirely from the State Transportation Improvement Program and no local match from the city will be required. The projects will cost just under $2 million.

The funds will cover the cost of environmental permitting, design and construction work to rehabilitate and maintain the various streets.

Those streets that will receive a new layer of overlay and rehabilitation will be:

Near Riverside Park on Covina Street, from Monrovia to Santa Paula; Laverne Street, from Sunkist to Upland; Limoneria Avenue, from Monrovia to Sunkist; Monrovia Street, from Covina to Limoneria; Orange Street, from Alexander to Laverne; Santa Paula Street, from Covina to Sunkist; Upland Street, from Covina to Laverne.

Near the casino there will be work on Ashley Way, from Barbara to Shawn; Barbara Street, from Cameron to Skyline; Cameron Way, from Numa to Paiute; Gail Way, from Shawn to Skyline; and Renae Drive, from Paiute to the Southerly Cul-de-sac.

In addition to STIP-funded street upgrades and repairs, the city also approved sidewalk repairs and replacement on Main Street at various locations — funded by once-a-year Caltrans allocations, upon request.

The city’s public works department was notified that the $16,000 in funds were available and needed to be spent prior to the end of the fiscal year.

The project was awarded to Impact Construction and Excavating, out of Susanville. According to the contract, the work will commence within 15 calendar days after the notice to proceed and will complete the project prior to June 28, with no extensions allowed.