You may not be allowed to vote for a candidate for president

When you completed your voter registration card did you select “No Party Preference”?

If you did, you will not have candidates on your ballot for president of the United States. This race is a party nominated race, not a voter nominated race.

U.S. representative, state senate and state assembly are voter nominated races and they will be on all ballots regardless of their party preference along with candidates for local offices.

Some political parties may choose to allow No Party Preference voters to vote for their candidates, but none have at this time. If you know the party of a candidate you want to vote for in the upcoming election, you may update your voter registration by selecting that party now to receive a ballot with that candidate on it by visiting voter-registration.

If you registered as an American Independent Party voter, you will receive a ballot with presidential candidates from the American Independent Party and not be able to vote for any other party’s candidate.

Being registered as an American Independent does not allow you to vote for any party you want. This is a qualified political party with their own candidates. American Independent Party voters cannot write in any other party’s candidate for president on the ballot .

Ballots are printed and mailed 29 days prior to election day. If you wish to vote for president, you will need to select a party for the candidate you wish to vote for and notify the Elections Department prior to ballots being printed and mailed. The deadline to select or change a political party is Friday, Dec. 13, for the March 3, 2020 presidential primary election.

Voters that chose “No Party Preference” when registering to vote will receive a card in the mail prior to the March 3 election notifying them if a political party chooses to allow “No Party Preference” voters to vote for their candidates. Not all political parties participate in crossover voting.

If you do not know the party that you selected when you registered to vote, you can check your status at to verify.

You can make or change your party preference online at, or you can complete a new postage paid voter registration card available at the Elections Department, county libraries and post offices, or contact the Elections Department for additional information.

Don’t wait until you have received your ballot in the mail and discover you didn’t select a party and cannot vote for a presidential candidate.

Requesting a second replacement ballot is costly to taxpayers and with little effort can be avoided.

Remember, it’s up to you to prepare now if you registered as a “No Party Preference” voter and want to vote for president.