‘Artown’ world premiere Saturday at the Lassen County Arts Council

When some people who don’t live here think of Susanville, they think of the portrayal of our city in the 2007 PBS special “Prison Town USA.”

Music man and filmmaker, Thomas Braun.

According to Wikipedia, “Prison Town, USA is a 2007 documentary film about Susanville, California, a small, rural town in the northeastern part of the state that tries to resuscitate its economy by accepting construction of a state prison. The economy had formerly depended on agriculture, mining and timber, but since the late 20th century has been increasingly dependent on prisons.

“The city now has two state prisons and a federal prison has opened nearby in Herlong, also in Lassen County. Half of the adults in Susanville work in these facilities, and 11,000 people are incarcerated in the rural county.

“The film follows four men, their families, and how they react to the new institution: Lonnie Tyler, a prisoner; Dawayne Brasher and Gabe Jones, guards; and Mike O’Kelly, a dairyman threatened by how the prison could affect the community’s buy-local policy.”

Those of us who live here, including music man and filmmaker Thomas Braun, see Susanville in a completely different way.

“My movie ‘Artown,’ an overview and history of Susanville’s abundant musicians, craftsmen, actors, dancers and singers over the years, will get its world premiere at 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 4, at the Lassen County Arts Council, 807 Cottage St.,” said Braun. “The film runs for 98 minutes, and there’s no admission charge. Light refreshments and a question and answer period will follow at the film’s end.

“Feel free to call or text me at (530) 251-7821, he said. “Thank you for your appreciation of Lassen County’s performing arts, past and present.”

For more information, call the arts council at (530) 257-5222.