BLM announces new opportunity for partnerships to support management of wild horses and burros

The Bureau of Land Management announces new grants available to public and private partners to help support the agency’s mission to manage and protect wild horses and burros. The funding opportunity is open to local and state governments, tribes, other federal agencies and non-profit organizations.

“The BLM is excited to continue our efforts at working collaboratively with institutions of education, non-profit organizations and other government agencies to manage and protect wild horses and burros on public lands,” said Holle’ Waddell, BLM Wild Horse and Burro Division Chief. “Whether it’s to help improve habitat quality, find good homes for our living legends, or apply birth control on the range, I encourage the broader wild horse and burro community to seriously consider this opportunity to partner with the BLM on these important actions.”

This is the second year that the BLM has invited proposals for wild horse and burro projects through a new streamlined and centralized funding opportunity. Grant sizes will range from $1,000 to $50,000.

An example of an on-going project awarded through the previous funding opportunity can be found in Oregon, where a public-private partnership helps dart difficult-to-reach wild horses with a birth-control vaccine. Thanks to the collaboration with local non-profit partner High Desert Strategies, 150 wild horses have been treated on public lands in eastern Oregon, which is slowing herd growth and reducing the need to remove animals to address overpopulation.

Partnerships formed through this funding opportunity will support critical activities important to the management of wild horses and burros. Proposed off-range projects will be accepted until Oct. 31, 2022 and could include activities such as facilitating the placement of excess animals into private care or providing educational opportunities to the public. Projects to support on-range activities, such as building habitat improvements or applying fertility control to wild horses and burros, can be submitted Nov. 1, 2022 to Jan. 31, 2023.

Proposals to care for excess wild horses and burros in off-range facilities and proposals to fund research are not eligible under this funding opportunity.

Applicants may propose to partner with BLM field, district state and national offices. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the relevant BLM subject matter expert identified in the funding opportunity notice to discuss the type of projects that may be possible, and whether they would meet the requirements under this funding opportunity.

To learn more or for instructions on how to submit an application, visit the Notice of Funding Opportunity on