Candidate’s statement — Susanville City Council partial term

Thomas Herrera

Thomas Herrera (incumbent)
Hello! I’m Thomas Herrera, and I have been a resident of Susanville for almost 14 years. I met my wife Jamison here, and together we have a daughter, Evangeline, who is now just over a year old. They’re my entire world, and my desire to do right by them and create a city that is safe and prosperous for them also motivates me to serve our community and improve the place we all call home.

I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart, and I’m the proud owner of a local business. I have been a Susanville City Councilman for two years. Since the day I took office, it’s been my priority to make meaningful progress for you, the citizens of Susanville and our great city. We’ve made great strides in recent years towards creating a city government that is accountable to you and representative of your needs.

In particular, our focus on transparency in our votes and business related to the city’s budget has been unprecedented. We now live stream all city council meetings and have placed a greater emphasis than ever before on public comments and concerns. A full list of 44 of the accomplishments I’m most proud of is available on my website and I urge you to check it out as I could not list them all here.

After much hard work, I can say with confidence that our city is building momentum toward attracting good job opportunities, funding our city services and public safety and establishing the foundations of a strong future. But we’re not there yet, and if we’re going to finish the job and achieve those things, we can’t take a step backward.

This election, I urge you to do your homework and vote for the candidates with a realistic and attainable vision for our future. We can’t afford to elect city councilmembers who are anti-growth, anti-development, and have no fresh or practical ideas for improving our economy or keeping our city funded. Susanville is only a few years away from an approaching economic cliff, and there is the possibility of severe budget cuts and a loss of jobs and city services that ALL of our residents would be impacted by. That’s why I’ve been focused (along with a few of my fellow councilmembers) on turning our city’s fortunes around.

I’m a young father, a husband and a business owner in this community, so I know exactly what’s at stake and I won’t ever back down or apologize for fighting to make this city a better place for you to live.  Let there be no mistake: I am fully committed to funding our public safety, supporting the city’s administration and public workers, and standing up for our corrections officers in the fight to save CCC. For the first time in a long time, your Susanville City Council stands for growth, progress and the representation of all of our great community. Let’s keep it that way! I would be honored to earn your vote on your June 7, primary ballots and thank you. Serving you has been a privilege and I look forward to getting the chance to do it for another two years. I am committed to achieving results on your behalf and working for you.

Thomas Herrera

Glen Yonan
Glen Yonan did not respond to Lassen News’ request for a candidate’s statement.