Correction: Reger was not a church pastor

Brad Reger is not and never has been the pastor at the Church of the Nazarene in Susanville. Jeff Moorish, a board member and youth leader at the church, said Reger was involved in church work and missions, but he never was a pastor at the church and he never held any leadership position there. Moorish said his concern is for the victims and their families. The paragraph identifying Reger as the pastor should have read, “In the one charge filed against Reger at this time, he allegedly engaged in illicit sexual conduct in October and November 2009 with Minor Victim No. 3 in the Philippines. This victim met Reger in 2008 when he traveled with the pastor of the Susanville church to a foreign nation.” We also have corrected the headline. Lassen News regrets the error.