Council unanimously approves first economic development project — a multi-year promotional video agreement with a New York firm

Tamra Spade, the city of Susanville’s new economic development director, presented a new economic development project for the city of Susanville at the city council’s Wednesday, April 3 meeting — a cost-free agreement with CGI Communications to produce four 1-minute videos that may include these topics: “Welcome to Susanville,” “Education,” Health Living” or “Real Estate.”

The council unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to sign the agreement. Mayor Mendy Schuster was absent. CGI Digital vice-president Nicole Rongo signed the agreement Feb. 12, 2024.

According to Spade’s staff report, “CGI was selected to produce up to four 1-minute videos. They will assume all costs for the Community Video Program so there is no impact to the budget. These videos will cover subject matter that may include: “Welcome to Susanville,” “Education”, “Healthy Living,” or “Real Estate.” CGI will be responsible for script writing, video content consultation and shooting footage at Susanville locations. The videos will serve multiple purposes: Provide valuable information about Susanville to residents and visitors. They will enhance the city’s online presence by featuring the videos on the official city website. Additionally, (they will) serve as marketing tools to promote the attractions and amenities of Susanville, attracting potential residents and businesses to the area.”

The agreement, which will “remain in effect from the date it is signed by both parties until the third anniversary of the date that the completed and approved Community Video Program is made available for viewer access on different devices via a link on the city of www.cityofsusanville,net homepage including any alternate versions of that homepage.”

While there is no cost to the city, CGI will “feature business sponsors around the perimeter of video panels,” and will be allowed to sell its video production services to businesses in Susanville. The city agrees to provide a letter of introduction on the city’s letterhead and allow CGI the right to use city’s name in connection with the preparation, production, and marketing of the Community Video Program. CGI will also own the copyright to the videos.

Here are the terms of the agreement with CGI
During the term of this Agreement, CGI shall:

  • Produce up to four one-minute videos with subject matter that may include but is not limited to: Welcome, Education, Healthy Living, or Homes/Real Estate.
  • Provide script writing and video content consultation.
  • Send a videographer to City locations to shoot footage for the videos.
  • Reserve the right to use still images and photos for video production.
  • Create all aspects of video production which includes, storyboarding, shot lists, filming, graphics, color grading, music selection and audio mastering.
  • Provide our patented OneClick™ Technology and encode all videos into multiple streaming digital formats to play on all computer systems, browsers, and Internet connection speeds.
  • Store and stream all videos on CGI’s dedicated server.
  • Afford businesses the opportunity to purchase various digital media products and services from CGI and its affiliates.
  • Feature business sponsors around the perimeter of video panels.
  • Be solely responsible for sponsorship fulfillment including all related aspects of marketing, production, printing, and distribution.
  • Facilitate viewer access of the Community Video Program from City website, including any alternate versions of City’s homepage, for different devices, by providing

HTML source code for a graphic link to be prominently displayed on the website homepage as follows: “Coming Soon” graphic link

designed to coordinate with existing website color theme to be provided within 10 business days of execution of this Agreement. “Community Video Program” graphic link to be provided to replace the “Coming Soon” link upon completion and approval of videos.

  • Grant to City a license to use CGI’s Line of Code to link to and/or stream the videos.
  • Own copyrights of the master Community Video Program.
  • Assume all costs for the Community Video Program.

During the term of this agreement, the City shall:

  • Provide a letter of introduction for the program on City’s letterhead.
  • Assist with the content and script for the Community Video Program.
  • Provide notice of any changes, revisions, requests or modifications to final video content within 30 days of its receipt.
  • Grant CGI the right to use City’s name in connection with the preparation, production, and marketing of the Community Video Program.
  • Display the “Coming Soon” graphic link prominently on the within 10 business days of receipt of HTML source code.
  • Display the “Community Video Program” link prominently on its homepage, including any alternate versions of your home page, for viewer access on different devices for the entire term of this Agreement.
  • Ensure that this Agreement remains valid and in force until the agreed upon expiration date, regardless of change in administration.
  • Grant full and exclusive streaming video rights for CGI and its subsidiaries, affiliates, successors and assigns to stream all video content produced by CGI for the Community Video Program
  • Agree that the city will not knowingly submit any photograph, video or other content that infringes on any third party’s copyright, trademark or other intellectual property, privacy or publicity right for use in any video or other display comprising this program. Submissions should be received by CGI by the agreed-upon primary filming date.