Don’t just focus on yourself

I was thinking about your articles about gays and experiences you’ve had in your lifetime. I recently returned from an 11-day trip with my wife from Ohio to New Orleans to Shreveport to Dallas then flying home.

I didn’t see even one Gay Pride flag on the whole trip. We went to a gift shop in Shreveport and saw the most unique Mardi Gras masks created by the shop owner and his partner. That night we stayed at a bed and breakfast owned by a gentleman and his partner. He created a great breakfast, and we left mid-morning with a full tummy on our journey.

When I was living in Sacramento, California in my 20s, a female couple living next door said they were lesbians.
I had no problem with any of those folks. We carried on in conversation with these folks, admiring the cool gifts in the gift shop, the awesome antiques in the bed and breakfast because the topics we talked about were not the fact that they were gay.

In the 90s I drove a tour bus around the country and in San Francisco there was a tall building that had a rainbow flag on a pole on top of it. That was the first rainbow flag I had ever seen. The tour escort explained to the passengers that about 10 percent of the population was gay.

Why not show your talents in cooking, artwork and other things you are interested in, rather than focusing only on your sexual preference?

Gay Pride Month and looking for a proclamation at a city council meeting is such a waste.

There are many non-profit organizations that you could volunteer for-help somebody, feed somebody, do something. Don’t just focus on yourself.

Jerry Askey, Susanville