FBI has zero credibility on origins of Mar-a-Lago 

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement on the Justice Department’s ongoing failure to release the affidavit adjoining its warrant to raid former President Donald Trump’s residence in Palm Beach, Florida on August 8.

“The Department of Justice owes the American people full disclosure of their rationale behind their unprecedented raid on former President Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago,” said Manning. “Nothing but full and immediate disclosure is acceptable of both the warrant’s affidavit and the seized documents Trump declassified on Jan. 19, 2021 before he left office. The same set of bad actors within the Justice Department used the pretense of an ongoing investigation to block access to information related to the politically driven Crossfire Hurricane-Russia collusion hoax for years and many of the declassified documents related to that investigation were among those seized from the former president.

“The FBI has exhausted all credibility and can be presumed to be little more than a political hit squad doing the bidding of Democratic Party power brokers. America finds itself in a precarious position where its lead federal law enforcement agency is engaging in unconstitutional and dangerous actions against the Biden administration’s political opponents. Congress must defund and end this investigation before it spins out of control.”