Forest Service hosts SCIENCEx webinar series

The Forest Service Research and Development SCIENCEx webinar series unites scientists and land management experts from across the U.S. Forest Service and beyond.

SCIENCEx Assessments week will explore the data, tools, and approaches helping land managers with forest planning efforts — whether on National Forest System lands or state, Tribal, or privately-owned forestlands.

For more on the SCIENCEx webinar series or to view the archives, visit the SCIENCEx webinar page.

Monday, March 27
Science for Forest Planning
Information Resources for Forest Planning | Jim Lootens-White

Streams, Springs, and Fens! Riparian and Groundwater-dependent Ecosystem Assessments for Forest Plan Revision​ | Katelyn Driscoll

Broadening Perspectives on Inclusive Forest Planning​| Kristen Floress

Tuesday, March 28
Research to Inform Recreation Management and Activities
Designing with the Americans with Disabilities Act in Mind |​ Robert Ross

Towards an Understanding of the Drivers and Effects of Recreation Displacement in Southern California National Forests |​ Alyssa Thomas

Wednesday, March 29
Research to Inform Silviculture and Management Activities
Silviculture Research in Hardwoods and Mixedwoods: Still Providing the ‘How’ | Callie Schweitzer

Long-term Silvicultural Research Provides New Insights for Science-based Management| Mike Battaglia

Silvicultural Rehabilitation of Degraded Stands: Practical Ideas from Research in Northeastern Forests |​ Laura Kenefic

Thursday, March 30
Ecosystem Services, Risks, and Benefits
Ecosystem Service Benefits of Wilderness: Changes over Time |​ Thomas Holmes

Deploying Nature’s Benefits for Conservation Finance in the Tahoe Basin |​ Matthew Sloggy

An Ounce of Prevention: Effects of Leaf Litter on Wood Decking Exposed Above Ground |​ Grant Kirker

Friday, March 31
Forest Inventory and Analysis in Forest Management
Forest Inventory and Analysis in the Pacific Islands |​ Jonathan Marshall

Using Advanced Remote Sensing to Support Forest Inventory and Monitoring in Interior Alaska |​ Hans Andersen

Urban Forest Inventory and Analysis Data and Tools |​ Tonya Lister