Kennedy Ford slides into third right before being tagged by a Siskiyous Eagle on April 19. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Lady Cougars wipe the field with Eagles

The Lassen College softball team hosted a doubleheader against the College of the Siskiyous Eagles on Wednesday, April 19. While the invitation came across as an innocent desire to play ball, the Eagles quickly learned that the Lady Cougars were in for the kill.

With a 4-3 win finishing game one, Lassen was more than warmed up and ready for the second game. Quick moves and sly smirks accompanied the Lady Cougars until game two was called with a final score of 9-0 in their favor.

Lassen had a bold strategy in the first game, but clearly it paid off. With Eagle runs scored in the first and the fourth inning, the Cougars were on the losing side of a 3-0 score mid-way through the game.

Sabrina Johnson pitches a strong five innings against College of the Siskiyous for the second game of a doubleheader on April 19. Photo by Ashley Grogan

However, the home team took over the game and completely turned things around. In the final three innings, Lassen defense was flawless as the Eagles failed to gain another run. In addition, Lassen not only scored a run in the fifth inning, but the ladies met and passed the Eagles in the seventh inning with three runs.

As the game had initially appeared to be a guarantee for the Eagles, it was clear that the opposing ladies were flabbergasted.

Lassen’s runs were scored by Alyssa Jones, Julisa Rodriguez and Aleah Dela Cruz. Kennedy Ford was credited with one RBI while Mia Torres picked up the other three.

Dela Cruz was the sole pitcher for the Lady Cougars with a strong performance throughout the seven innings. She gave away four hits, three run, three walks and two errors. She also struck out six of the 27 batters faced.

The second game held promise of a clean slate for the Eagles, but the stunning performance from the Cougars was yet to cease. The game was ultimately called after the top of the fifth inning as Siskiyous had yet to score a run while Lassen had already made nine.

The Lady Cougars started off slow as they took on the Eagles for round two. In the first inning, Lassen gained the lead with their single run scored, but the ladies were sure not to let the lead get to their heads.

During the top of the second inning, the Cougars braced themselves for a whirlwind of offensive tricks, but the Eagles failed to deliver.

Disappointed by the lack of action seen defensively, Lassen took to the offensive side for the bottom of the second inning to show the Eagles how it was done.

Taylor Knecht focuses while at bat during a doubleheader against College of the Siskiyous on April 19. Photo by Ashley Grogan

In the course of one inning, Lassen managed to land seven additional runs to completely blow the Eagles out of the water.

With an 8-0 Cougar score on the board, the Eagles tried to turn the tables in the third inning. While Siskiyous failed to score their first run, they mustered up their teamwork and drive to prevent Lassen from scoring during the bottom of the third inning.

Lassen went to bat in the fourth inning after seeing yet another disappointing offensive turn by the Eagles, and with a great sprint, the Lady Cougars earned their ninth and final run of the game.

Lassen’s runs were scored by Ford, Jones, Torres, Taylor Knecht, Garyn Harlan, Shandell Gemmel and Brittany Chamberlain. Torres and Ford each scored two runs and cheered for their teammates to score the remaining five.

Ford, Jones, Torres, Knecht and Dela Cruz were all credited with RBIs. Knecht led, though, with three, and Torres was right behind with two.

Sabrina Johnson was the winning pitcher of the game with a full five innings on the mound. Johnson gave up four hits and one walk with no errors or runs. She struck out one of her 20-faced batters.

Lassen clearly showed that the Lady Cougars are in full swing for the season and nothing will be standing in their way.