LaMalfa announces 10 Federal Aviation Administration awards

Today, Congressman Doug LaMalfa announced 10 Federal Aviation Administration grant awards totaling $3,569,974 for airport municipalities throughout Shasta, Siskiyou, Modoc, Nevada, and Placer counties.

“Ensuring Northern California municipal airports are up to date and equipped is vital in fire suppression efforts,” LaMalfa said. During the summer months, CalFire and wildland firefighters work long hours to combat fires on the ground. Improving our airports in turn improves Air Management Units’ firefighting operations from the sky to stop more destruction of our forested lands.”

Redding Municipal Airport will receive $1,008,787 for new renovations and expansions for more flights.

Redding’s Benton Field Airport will receive $441,000.

Auburn Municipal Airport will receive $927,244 to construct four new helipads to be used in emergency and wildland fire responses.

The Nevada County Airport will receive $360,366 to be used for sealing, crack repair, and joint filling to ramp and taxiway surfaces to extend the useful life of the pavement.

The Siskiyou County Airport will receive two grants totaling $632,977.

Alturas Municipal Airport will receive two grants totaling $323,800 to install a new Runway 13/31 precision approach path indicator to improve approaches to the runway ends.

Tulelake Municipal Airport will receive two grants totaling $272,000 for airport layout renovations.