LaMalfa, California Republicans ask Newsom to repeal new zero emission vehicle mandate

Congressman Doug LaMalfa led the California Republican Congressional delegation in sending a letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom regarding the recent decision by the California Air Resource Board to advance their August 2022 mandate that requires 100 percent of new car sales to be zero-emission vehicles by 2035. The lawmakers ask the governor and CARB Chair Liane Randolph to consider alternate policies to reduce emissions that do not add additional strain to the state’s energy grid or restrictions on consumer choice.

“America has a free market – if consumers want an electric vehicle and can afford it, they have a right and opportunity to purchase one,” LaMalfa said. “The government, on the other hand, must be disallowed from forcing this decision onto its citizens. The truth is that electric vehicles aren’t a reliable option for everyone, nor are they affordable, nor can it be presumed that people even want them. As well, our state’s electric grid does not even have the capacity to support what we have now, turning California into an even bigger laughing stock of inane policies. I am urging Governor Newsom and the California Air Resource Board to choose common-sense and halt this overreaching mandate.”

“Sacramento Democrats’ radical agenda has driven gas prices far above the national average, crippled our trucking industry, and broken our supply chains,” said Congresswoman Michelle Steel. “Californians are already being instructed not to charge their electric vehicles due to our ongoing lack of energy. Enacting further restrictions on how working families can get to work and school, or how businesses can transport their goods, is absurd and will have serious, real-life consequences for Californians. Sacramento needs to wake up and reverse course before it’s too late.”

“Setting these unrealistic goals are only a distraction from real solutions that California should consider at the moment,” said Congressman Mike Garcia. “The country, and especially California, is already in the midst of a major energy crisis. Gas is nearly $7 a gallon, and folks are struggling to pay their energy bills. Now is not the time to implement a mandate for 100 percent electric vehicle sales in California by 2035. The state government is also not considering the power generation, infrastructure, charging and battery production needs that comes with a mandate of this magnitude. Instead, Governor Newsom and Sacramento should be focused on how to get gas and energy prices down, decrease the sky-rocketing crime rate, and make California a less expensive place to live. It’s unrealistic policies like these that got Gavin Newsom the ‘U-Haul Salesperson of the Year’ award.”

“The ban on gasoline-powered cars is a utopian policy whose real-world effects will be devastating to California’s middle-class and working-class families,” said Congresswoman Connie Conway. “Hollywood celebrities, Silicon Valley executives, and Sacramento lobbyists may be able to afford electric cars, but for people who actually work hard for a living, the ban’s obvious effects will be higher electricity prices, higher taxes, more blackouts, and the loss of the simple freedom to choose their own car. This self-defeating, autocratic regulation should be repealed immediately.”

“The price of an electric vehicle is not a realistic option for many of my constituents in the Central Valley,” said Congressman David Valadao. “Governor Newsom’s ban on gas-powered vehicles is going to put more pressure on California’s already stressed electrical grid and lead to more blackouts in our state.  I urge Governor Newsom to reverse course on this misguided decision. We need to make it easier for California to produce safe, clean energy in our own backyard to lower costs and bring jobs and stability to families and businesses across California.”

“We all want to incentivize innovation and reduce energy costs for Californians,” said Congresswoman Young Kim. “However, at a time when Californians regularly face rolling blackouts due to a failing electric grid and record-high gas prices, more burdensome regulations will hurt consumers, commuters and American businesses even more. I joined my California Republican colleagues in urging the California Air Resources Board and Governor Newsom to acknowledge the reality of our state’s energy grid. I will continue to fight for responsible, practical ways to promote innovation and increase U.S. energy production so we can lower costs, reduce emissions and protect our supply chains.”

“California policymakers and states following their lead should encourage innovation, bring fuel manufacturers in as part of the solution and abstain from banning gas and diesel vehicle sales,” wrote the lawmakers. “At a time when our constituents are dealing with rolling blackouts and the crushing impact of your energy policies, they should not be asked to spend even more. We urge you to reconsider your recent ACCII policy that strips away consumer choice, ignores market penetration and imposes further economic hardship on Californians. Our state can be a leader in clean energy and reducing emissions by producing new technologies through research and development. We must empower innovation that will help the United States and California lead the world in the development and production of clean, efficient, reliable and affordable energy technologies. We believe these innovations will lead to better-paying jobs for our constituents and greater economic prosperity for our state.”

Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and Representatives Michelle Steel, Tom McClintock, David Valadao, Connie Conway, Mike Garcia, Young Kim, Ken Calvert and Darrell Issa joined LaMalfa in signing this letter.