LaMalfa demands answers on COVID-19’s origins

Congressman Doug LaMalfa voted to require the Director of National Intelligence to declassify all information related to the potential association of the COVID-19 pandemic with China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. On Wednesday, the Senate unanimously passed a companion bill.

FBI Director Christopher Wray admitted in an interview that aired Tuesday that the pandemic “most likely” originated from a laboratory in China. A classified intelligence report showed that the U.S. Department of Energy has concluded that the pandemic most likely stemmed from a lab leak based on new intelligence.

“It has been more than three years since the COVID-19 pandemic upended our lives, forced thousands of small businesses to shut their doors, closed schools, compelled millions of children to fall behind in their education and resulted in an assault of government overreach,” LaMalfa said. “Congress has demanded answers, the American people deserve answers. Now, the Administration needs to give us answers.”