LaMalfa introduces legislation to protect children and taxpayers from paying the price for gender reassignment surgeries

Congressman Doug LaMalfa introduced two pieces of legislation in response to the growing push to normalize early and aggressive medical interventions ranging from puberty-blocking drugs to surgeries for children who identify as transgender. Both the Protecting Children from Experimentation Act and the End Taxpayer Funding of Gender Experimentation Act aim to protect children and conscience rights.

The Protecting Children from Experimentation Act would prohibit doctors from performing experimental gender reassignment treatments on children. Puberty-blocking hormones followed by cross-sex hormones can cause irreversible damage to children’s bodies, including an increased risk of cancer and permanent sterilization. Original cosponsors of this legislation include congressmen Ralph Norman, Robert Aderholt, Ross Spano, Rick Allen, Steve King, Greg Steube and Bill Flores.

The End Taxpayer Funding of Gender Experimentation Act would protect taxpayers’ conscience by prohibiting federal funding for gender reassignment surgeries and treatments. Original cosponsors of this legislation include Norman, Aderholt, Allen, King, Steube and Flores and congressman Doug Lamborn and Brian Babin.

“Our society has quickly ‘normalized’ gender experimentation under the guise of an ‘accepting’ political ideology rather than biological reality,” LaMalfa said. “Even more troubling, children are undergoing experimental treatments, like being injected with puberty-blocking hormones and cross-sex hormones, which have irreversible consequences, such as permanent sterility. Both the Protecting Children from Experimentation Act and the End Taxpayer Funding of Gender Experimentation Act aim to protect children and taxpayers from paying the high price of these unethical medical interventions. As minors, children cannot vote, join the military, or open a bank account; it’s our job as society, and especially parents, to protect them from making life altering gender experimentation decisions that they may likely later regret.”

“Some of our nation’s most important laws are those that protect children. When it comes to experimentational gender reassignment, most adolescent psychological experts agree that children are simply not capable of fully comprehending the factors or long-term ramifications of these treatments,” said Congressman Norman. “With age and maturity will come that level of wisdom. Prior to that point being reached at legal adulthood, however, it is highly inappropriate for doctors to perform these types of procedures except in cases of medically verifiable gender development disorders.”

“Children are precious and made in the image of God,” said Allen. “They are not experimental pawns and should never be subject to the unforeseen consequences of gender reassignment procedures. I’m proud to work with Congressman LaMalfa on these two critical bills to prohibit tax dollars from funding these harmful procedures, ensure the well-being of our children, and make it a federal crime for doctors to perform these surgeries or prescribe unsafe hormone treatments.”

“I’m proud to join my colleagues in support of the End Taxpayer Funding of Gender Experimentation Act,” said Babin. “Hard-earned taxpayer dollars should not be used to subsidize surgeries that violate the conscience of so many Americans.”

“Children are precious and our future, and they are worth defending. No child should be forced to undergo medically unnecessary, life-altering procedures in the name of progressive gender ideology. No taxpayer should be forced to pay for these harmful ‘reassignment’ procedures for any individual. I applaud Rep. LaMalfa for taking action to protect our children,” said Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action for America.

“Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee agrees children who struggle with identity should be protected from harmful ‘gender reassignment’ medical practices causing serious health risks, irreversible damage, and increasingly, regret. Minors are incapable of giving informed consent to destructive medical interventions degrading their development and sterilizing their bodies,” said Doreen Denny, CWALAC vice president of government relations. “Unfortunately, the Big Gender market is more interested in profit than ethical practice. CWALAC applauds LaMalfa’s proposals standing against the medical mutilation of minors in the name of ‘gender confirmation,’ and the use of federal tax dollars to finance radical gender reassignment interventions.”

“Children should not be making life and body altering decisions based on a dysphoria that 80-90 percent of them will outgrow if allowed to naturally go through puberty. We should be teaching our children to love themselves just the way they are,” said Travis Weber, Family Research Council vice president for policy and government affairs. “Unfortunately, society and too many doctors are scaring parents into putting their children on sterilizing drugs and helping them surgically alter their physical appearance. Our children deserve better.

“Even in adults, this ‘affirmative care’ has proven to be harmful. Many former transgender people (or ‘detransitioners’) have been very outspoken about the harms they have endured from going down the road of “gender transition.”

He said taxpayer dollars should not be used to promote such a harmful social agenda that ignores the individuals’ underlying issues.

“People need to be protected, and this bill accomplishes that. FRC is proud to support this legislation introduced by LaMalfa,” continued Weber.

He said both bills provide exceptions for the treatment of patients with medically verifiable sex development disorders.

The Protecting Children from Experimentation Act and the End Taxpayer Funding of Gender Experimentation Act are also supported by the American College of Pediatricians, Christian Medical and Dental Associations and Family Watch International.