LaMalfa opposes $1.7 trillion spending package

Congressman Doug LaMalfa voted against the $1.7 trillion FY2023 government spending package.

“The lame duck Democrat majority shoving through their 4,155-page, $1.7 trillion ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ spending bill, with little to no committee debate or process, mere days before they lose the House is an insult to the hardworking American taxpayers and a repudiation of the will of the American people,” said LaMalfa, “At a time when a majority of Americans are reporting financial hardship due to rising inflation, more runaway spending is the last thing we need from Congress. Instead of responsible funding for critical infrastructure and programs, Democrats are prioritizing frivolous projects like the construction of a “Michelle Obama Trail,” a “Speaker Pelosi Federal Building” in San Francisco, and a LGBT+ museum in New York City. This bill will limit the ability of House Republicans in the next Congress to exercise oversight over the Biden Administration’s excessive spending. I do not support this abomination to the everyday priorities we should be focused on such as a secure border, energy, food and water supply, domestic supply chain and the myriad of other issues that Americans need positive action on by their government.”

This bill specifically prohibits Customs and Border Patrol funding from being used to improve border security, while simultaneously throws billions at aid for illegal immigrants and funding for the borders of Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia and Oman.

Also included in the omnibus is the creation of a ‘Pandemic Czar’, $11.33 billion for the FBI to continue their witch hunt for concerned parents at school board meetings, $800 billion dollars in non-defense spending – the highest level ever, $108 million for “Environmental Justice” activities and $286 million in Title X funding, which funds Planned Parenthood.