LaMalfa votes for a Parents Bill of Rights; a bill he cosponsored

Today, Congressman Doug LaMalfa voted in favor of H.R. 5, the Parents Bill of Rights Act, to enshrine the right of parents to have a voice in their child’s education and express the sense of Congress that parents are the supreme authority in their child’s lives.

The bill requires states to ensure that public schools publish their curriculums on the internet for the public to see and widely disseminate the curriculum if they don’t have a website and inform parents on how they can review the curriculum. The bill requires public schools to provide advance notice of the names and organizations of any speakers invited to speak to a class, school assembly, or any other school-sponsored event. Public schools must also notify parents if a school employee or contractor acts to change a child’s gender markers, pronoun, or preferred name, or allow a child to change their gender-based accommodations such as locker rooms or bathrooms.

The bill prohibits schools from acting as agents of parents and providing parental consent for vaccinations. Schools are forbidden to sell student information for financial gain except for products that apply only to students such as yearbooks, prom tickets, and school pictures. It also allows parents to review and offer feedback regarding instructional materials such as teachers manuals, films, tapes and other supplementary material that is used in a classroom setting.

LaMalfa cosponsored the bill and unveiled similar legislation aimed to protect the right and supremacy of parents in their child’s education. Both H.R. 5 and H.R. 1585, the Prohibiting Parental Secrecy Policies in Schools Act, were introduced in response to recently publicized evidence that public schools across the country have been implementing a far-left agenda to indoctrinate students with political beliefs and enacted policies to keep this agenda secret from the students’ parents.

“Parents, not public-school administrators, should have the final say in their child’s education,” LaMalfa said. “The state-sponsored indoctrination that has caused our public schools to fall behind and hurt students’ academic development has been publicly rejected by parents across the nation. The Parents Bill of Rights will reaffirm and enshrine the God-given responsibility of all parents to be involved in their child’s education and have the final say. We need schools to get back to basics of focusing on traditional math, science, English and history, not becoming ideological indoctrination centers focused on sexual identity. I am glad to be a cosponsor of this important piece of legislation.”