LaMalfa votes to support Ukraine 

Congressman Doug LaMalfa

Congressman Doug LaMalfa voted to support Ukraine in their fight against their Russian invaders. The House of Representatives passed the bipartisan S. 3522, the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act, by an overwhelming majority. This legislation will enhance authority the United States has to enter agreements with the Ukraine government to lend or lease military artillery and defense supplies in order to protect Ukraine civilian populations from the ongoing Russian military invasion.

LaMalfa has previously supported legislation that sent U.S. military artillery to Ukraine troops, aided NATO countries administering humanitarian aid and implemented harsh economic sanctions on Russia and it’s oligarchs.

“Supporting Ukraine is standing up to tyranny,” LaMalfa said. “We cannot let Russia take over Eastern Europe and trample independent nations. Earlier this week, Putin began blackmailing Poland and Bulgaria by shutting down their energy supply after they refused to heel to his demands. Sending artillery and aid to Ukraine to help them defend their country from invading Russian troops is the right thing to do. I continue to oppose sending the American military to fight, but support sending advanced weapons and aid.

“Putin has openly stated he wants to take over many Eastern European countries and restore his old empire. The free countries of the world cannot appease a madman. We must learn the lessons history has taught us and prevent the war from escalating by helping our allies in Ukraine defeat Russia.”