Lassen County has transitioned from Code Red to GEM/ Zonehaven for emergency alerting, evacuations

The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office utilizes Zonehaven as a county-wide evacuation solution.

Zonehaven is a web-based platform that identifies evacuation zones for the entire county.

This program is utilized for all emergency types including but not limited to fire, hazardous material incidents, earthquake, law enforcement activity and floods. When the sheriff has determined areas of the county need to be evacuated a zone status will be changed. The online map will show the zones that have changed and, if necessary, provide suggested evacuation routes and evacuation locations. Zonehaven is also capable of identifying traffic control points.

The unpredictable nature of all emergency incidents makes pre-planning of evacuation routes difficult. Pre-planned evacuation routes are rarely beneficial and at times make an otherwise safe evacuation less efficient. Evacuation warnings/orders are issued early enough to allow individuals to start moving, non-ambulatory family, large animals, trailers and equipment to safe areas outside the path of the fire/emergency. This reduces the strain on typical routes that would be used during an evacuation order. If necessary, evacuation routes will be added to Zonehaven and may be referenced while reviewing zone statuses.

The sheriff’s office utilizes GEM as an alert and warning platform. A person may register a new account or log into an existing account. Once an account is created a person may add as much or as little information they wish. Location, email and phone number are all examples of what may be added. This would be used in tandem with Zonehaven zone status changes. The sheriff will issue alerts/warnings during zone status changes. Alert/warnings will also be issued during other emergencies, for example, citizens within close proximity of a developing law enforcement situation may be advised to shelter in place.

GEM is also utilized to send Integrated Public Alert and Warning Systems notifications. IPAWS is a national system for local alerting that provides authenticated emergency and life-saving information to the public through mobile phones using Wireless Emergency Alerts. IPAWS also allows the local alerting agency to contact individuals that have not enrolled in the GEM alert and warning platform.

Additionally, if a community member had previously enrolled in Lassen County alerts through CodeRED their contact information has been migrated to the new GEM platform. You can now log into GEM and update your information.

To sign up for GEM or to view Lassen County evacuation zones visit