Lassen High School Daily Bulletin

Student News
Bio Trip TA
Want to be a Bio Trip TA? Mr. McCullough is now accepting applications for TAs. Sign up in Room 760 by Jan. 10.

Lunch Passes
You will receive your new lunch passes in advocacy today. If you have any questions, see Kelli in the front office.

New Tables
Have you noticed the new tables in some of our hallways? Our goal is to provide you a place to charge your phones and complete your homework. They are located near trash cans to minimize trash being left in the hallways. Let’s keep our campus clean.

Snowballs = Detention
Reminder as our next storm approaches — do not throw snowballs or you will receive a detention.

Seniors who that do not have a 5th or 6th period — see Kelli in the front office we have changed the color of your lunch passes.