Lassen High School Daily Bulletin

Reverse Dance
Reverse Dance is this Saturday. Tickets are on sale. Carol has the bids/tickets for reverse dance. We are doing a Reverse Ask-Out, pictures and videos are to be sent to Facebook page or Instagram page to be entered and winner will be given a couple’s ticket free. Also, the week of the dance the cheerleaders are doing an Easter egg hunt each day with one golden egg randomly in those four days. A free couple’s ticket will be given to whoever finds the golden egg. Reverse Dance is April 23.

Teen Court
Teen Court meets Thursday, April 21.

Susanville Sticks
Susanville Sticks invites you to play field hockey from 3 to 4:30 p.m. every Sunday. Anyone wanting to learn how to play is welcome to come join us including younger siblings. Come see Coach Herrmann in Room 308.

Volleyball open gyms have started — 5 to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday. See you in the gym

Claybreakers Update
The Claybreakers are first place in the varsity and JV categories. For the JVs who broke 419 out of 500 targets, the Top 5 scores were John Bertotti, 96, Anthony Alvarez, 92, JV team captain Ethan Shmuealevich, 82, Alex Benavides, 79, and Breanna Fox, 70.  For the varsity who broke 458 out of 500, the Top 5 shooters were team captain Aidan Adams, 96, Callie Baldwin, 93, Jeremiah Johnson, 92, Rylan Pickens, 89 and Aidan Divine, 88.

Varsity team captain Aidan Adams was first on the podium, and for JVs, John Bertotti was first on the podium and Anthony Alvarez took the second spot on the podium.

Counseling News
New scholarships
Sage Brush Ranch Horse Association and Tille Brodie Memorial.