Lassen National Forest announces tentative recreation and campground opening dates for 2022

Lassen National Forest will tentatively kick off its 2022 seasonal recreation and camping offerings in the Almanor, Hat Creek and Eagle Lake Ranger Districts, beginning today, Friday, April 15.

Remember to recreate responsibly as you explore the beauty and adventure Lassen National Forest provides. Help preserve the trails and vistas for all by observing the following:

  • Leave nothing but footsteps. It is your responsibility to pack out all trash when you leave including toilet paper when there are no restroom facilities.
  • Be aware of campfire restrictions. Call if you don’t know. Ensure your campfire is “dead out” before you leave. Douse with water, stir, feel for heat, repeat if necessary.
  • Many campsites fill up quickly, so plan ahead.
  • Early spring may involve lots of mud. As the day warms, be wary of getting stuck or damaging roads.
  • Cold water can kill. Know that lakes and rivers are cold early in the year and high flows can carry you away.

You can find additional tips at: 0.

For more information, contact your local Ranger District office: the Almanor Ranger District at 258-2141; the Eagle Lake Ranger District at 257-4188; and the Hat Creek Ranger District at 336-5521.