Three pups from the Lassen Pack play in front of a trail camera a few years ago. File photo

Lassen Pack survives Dixie Fire

On Aug. 25, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was escorted by U.S. Forest Service fire staff into an area burned by the Dixie Fire to assess the Lassen Pack’s survival.

Although the fire burned significant portions of its home range, CDFW confirmed that at least seven wolves — including the pack’s breeding pair and four pups — survived the fire. The adult wolves were keeping the pups in a small unburned grassy area surrounded by burned trees near a water source.

“Although the wolves were somehow able to survive the flames and smoke, biologists saw a small herd of cattle cow/calf pairs that had unfortunately perished.”

“CDFW will continue to monitor the long-term effects of the Dixie and other fires on fish and wildlife habitat. It has been a tough summer for Californians facing drought, fires and smoke and our thoughts go out to all affected.”