Letters to the Editor

Response to Dr. Korver

Concerning the recent article about Dr. Kenneth Korver, Lassen County’s Health Officer, declaring a local health emergency Tuesday morning as the number of active confirmed COVID-19 cases at the California Correctional Center rapidly swelled to 214 in just two weeks.

He is being ridiculous blaming the California Prison System. COVID-19 is already here and the vast majority of residents refuse to wear masks or practice social distancing.   I have been harassed for wearing a mask in Susanville.  Due to this I most my shopping in Reno, thereby hurting the local economy, which makes no one happy.

What choice do people have when they have underlying health conditions and our public health officer just wants to blame others instead of trying to stop the virus.  I saw the videos of the June 16 and June 17 meetings of the Lassen County Board of Supervisors and the Susanville City Council and not one person was wearing a mask or social distancing.

When will our elected officials do their jobs and work to stop this virus?  After how many deaths?

Vicki Shumaker



Rename Fort Bragg

The Northern California town of Fort Bragg is in desperate need of a name change ASAP!

No self-respecting Californian could ever possibly justify or countenance any town or city in the Golden State being named after Confederate General Braxton Bragg, who was not only a traitor and a slaveowner, but an especially intemperate and incompetent military commander as well.  That name is nothing to brag about, Fort Bragg.

Why would any patriotic American want to set foot in a town named after a racist traitor to the republic, like Braxton Bragg?  Too bad, Fort Bragg, but you’re not getting another dime from me until you change your town’s name!

Here are some non-Confederate, pro-American options for you.  Feel free to choose any one of these as your town’s new name: Fort Lincoln, Fort Grant, Fort Sherman, Fort Roosevelt, Fort Eisenhower, Fort Patton, Fort Marshall, Fort Bradley, Fort Kennedy and Fort Powell.

Jake Pickering

Arcata, California