Mayor issues apology to community on his personal Facebook page

Susanville Mayor Quincy McCourt during the 2000 Susanville City Council campaign. File photo

Susanville Mayor Quincy McCourt issued an apology on his personal Facebook page to Susanville and the Lassen County community yesterday, Sunday, Feb. 27, regarding his comments at the Feb. 15 Susanville City Council meeting.

“Dear wonderful Susanville and Lassen County community,” McCourt wrote. “I make mistakes. I learn from them, too. I certainly don’t want to be one of those people offended by feedback and not actually willing to exercise self-improvement, so please know that all of your words are heartfelt and received sincerely.

“I do apologize for offending those I offended. That was never the intent. The message behind the words was more of a plea to slow down and take a breath, and remember that it is OK to think differently, and it is OK to come together as a community and determine our roadmap into the future together.

“Thank you to the many people who have reached out and said, ‘we hear you,’ and thank you to those who have displayed that my message was unclear.

“My response was more of a reaction and less of a well thought out request to ask our community to remember we are stronger together and we benefit by talking to each other first and by picking up litter that we did not drop, and that we offer to help before we become offended.

“We need to get off the hamster wheel. We need to empower, not enable, and we need to build, not break down.

“To me, our focus may be better invested if we come together in real life as a community and create for Susanville a healthy economy and encourage all of us to invite our friends and family to visit Susanville.

“I will do better today than I did yesterday.”