Overdose data sharing legislation signed into law

Senate Bill 67, which will assist first responders on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic, has been signed into law.

SB 67 will enroll California’s departments and agencies into a free universal information sharing program known as ODMAP to track and effectively address live patterns of overdoses. This will give California’s agencies cohesive data and the ability to achieve real-time pattern identification to recognize specific areas and populations that are especially impacted by overdose incidents. No personal identifiable information is available through ODMAP, so victim privacy is not affected by its use.

Currently, more than 3,000 local, state, and federal agencies across the country participate in ODMAP.

“Giving public safety and public health agencies the tools to respond to concerning clusters of overdoses is a crucial and valuable tool that I am proud to be bringing to California,” said Senator Seyarto, the bill’s author. “We can then focus on intervention, education, and a concerted community response that helps those in need and combats the fentanyl epidemic.”

SB 67 passed the legislature with bipartisan support and no opposition.