Remember When for the week of 1/16/18

95 years ago
County residents struggled to remove the nearly 10 feet of snow that fell over a three-week period in January. The lack of manpower is hampering the distribution of food, medical supplies and warm clothing to senior citizens. Although the newspaper could not confirm any deaths, reporters announced there were rumors that more than 10 people had starved to death in the northern part of the county.

70 years ago
Residents in the eastern section of Honey Lake Valley reported a pack of wild dogs roaming the sagebrush in the mountains near Doyle and Milford. Farmers reported some of their livestock had been injured or killed. One rancher said four dogs trapped his 6-year-old daughter in the barn for more than two hours.

His son saved her life by sneaking up on the pack and striking two of them on the back with a shovel, causing them to flee.

45 years ago
Sun blindness was the cause of a two-vehicle accident near Westwood. Kenneth Farsburn, of Susanville, drifted into the lane of two other cars and struck the lead car head-on.

No one was seriously injured and each driver was wearing a seatbelt.

35 years ago
Kim Peterson assumed the position of manager of the Lassen County Fair. He replaced John Farris, who resigned to go into private business. Peterson was the assistant manager of the Santa Clara County Fair before being selected.

25 years ago
Although the Lassen Union High School District has been teaching AIDS education in its health classes for several years, the district recently approved a policy ensuring all students are offered HIV/AIDS education each year they attend school in the district.

21 years ago
On the surface, Susanville engineer Fred Nagel received approval for his controversial septic waste sludge-drying project in Wendel last week.

But it’s likely the project still has a long way to go before it’s completed, because of a promised appeal and a hint of a lawsuit.

And while the Lassen County Planning Commission OK’d a use permit, it found the project will have no significance.

16 years ago
Both Lassen County and the city of Susanville have joined together in preparing ordinances designed to preserve and protect historical sites within the county.

In October, the Susanville Planning Commission unanimously approved a draft of historical preservation ordinance and recommended the city council adopt it.

The county Board of Supervisors will consider adoption of a county ordinance.

One of the goals of the ordinance is to maintain the historical integrity of the registered building and sites.
Buildings or sites having historical, architectural, aesthetic or cultural significance can be considered.

11 years ago
The Lassen County Sheriff/Coroners Office is investigating the death of Boyd Kelley, 44, whose last known address was Las Vegas, Nevada.

Around 4:23 p.m. Jan. 10, the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office received information that a person had been struck by a Union Pacific train traveling southbound about six-tenths of a mile north of Highway 70 near Chilcoot.

The operators put the train into an emergency stop, but were not able to stop the train before it struck the man.

The man was not carrying any identification and was wearing several layers of clothing, which is often consistent with transient behavior, said under sheriff Silas Bollinger in a press release issued Jan. 11.

Last year
Power outages sometimes eliminate a household’s only heat source, but not taking proper precautions can lead to disaster.
During the prolonged power outage that affected Lassen Municipal Utility customers, the Susanville Fire Department attended to two different structures fires and some carbon monoxide calls.