Remember When for the week of 11/01/16

125 years ago

The first meeting of the Lassen County Board of Trade was held at the Steward House Hall for the purpose of incorporation and membership role call, which included more than 40 local businessmen.

75 years ago

John Arthur Reynolds led a forum on Latin America saying the United States should declare war, perhaps on Japan in order to get Latin American countries like Brazil and Argentina to stand behind America. He said this a little more than a month before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

50 years ago

San Francisco attorney Casper Weinberger was named chairman in the Ronald Regan for Governor campaign. Weinberger named Susanville’s Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nagel members of the executive committee from Lassen County.

20 years ago

Cow mutilation investigator Jean Bilodeaux of Red Bluff gathered grass samples last week at the Papoose Meadows site near Eagle Lake where two cattle where found mutilated. Bilodeaux wouldn’t confirm extraterrestrial involvement in the bizarre mutilations but she discontinued police theories that they were part of non-traditional religious services.

15 years ago

Starting salaries for Susanville School District teachers with clear credentials jumped $8,000 a year thanks to an agreement between the district and the Susanville Teachers Association.

The starting salary of $26,000 per year will remain in effect for teachers hired with a waiver or holding emergency credentials.

10 years ago

A yearlong rumor is now fact. Walgreen’s Corporation will be building on the lot that currently houses Big O Tires, Diverse Electronics and the Beauty Corral.

The Susanville planning commission passed resolution number 05-832 approving the plan with only minor changes.

A back driveway will be placed further north than planned, said Community Development Director Bill Nebeker. He also said there is no opposition to the plans.

Last year

Friends of Mountain Meadows is now an official group. The catalyst behind its formation was the draining of Mountain Meadows Reservoir, which killed the fish and eliminated an important flyway for migrating birds this fall and a favorite spot for duck hunters.

The group’s goal is to find a solution to the management of Mountain Meadows Reservoir that encompasses the diverse interests of individuals throughout the region.