Remember When for the week of 11/22/16

125 years ago

A Plumas County bachelor, after bring informed in the weekly newspaper that he had been married a week previous, wrote a letter demanding a retraction. It was later found out that a friend of the man had submitted the announcement as a joke.

75 years ago

Four British sailors on leave from H.M.S. Orion, docked at Mare Island, were in Susanville for four days and planned to stay until their leave was over. None of the four had been back to England since the bombing raids began and had no idea of the destruction there.

50 years ago

Volunteer workers along with members of the Lassen Junior College Ski Club worked on the construction of Coppervale Ski Lodge between Susanville and Westwood. Three new poles were added for the ski tow while other work included clearing the slope.

35 years ago

Downed trees, power outages and closed highways marked the weekend as a powerful winter storm battered the county and the state. Much of highways 32 and 36 were shut down because it was not safe for Caltrans workers to attempt cleanup operations.

25 years ago

As Lassen County grows in the 21st century, local school systems will be experiencing unprecedented growth with the student population possibly doubling by 2005, according to Lassen County Superintendent of Schools Bill Gillaspie.

15 years ago

A new Susanville School District policy should make it harder for registered sex offenders to gain access to the district students. The policy, unanimously approved by the Susanville School District Trustees at the district’s meeting, requires all volunteers to fill out a Volunteer Application Form which will provide the superintendent with the necessary information to launch an automated records check to determine that the volunteer is not a registered sex offender.

10 years ago

After four years of being separated by the ocean, Janesville natives and brothers Josiah and Zachary Rojas have been reunited.

According to information received from a press release, the siblings, both of Lassen High School, joined the Navy and were fortunate enough to end up stationed together in Peal Harbor, Hawaii this year.

After graduating from LHS in 1999, Josiah George Rojas made his way to Great Lakes, Ill. to begin his naval basic training.

For the past four years he has served on the USS Santa Fe as a Dolphin.

Although three years younger than his older brother, 2001 LHS graduate Zachary Eugene Rojas decided to follow in his footsteps and joined the Naval Nuclear Program. After graduating from NPTU, Ballston Spa, Zachary decided to stay and spent the next two years instructing future generations of naval nuclear operators.

When it was his time to make a move and look for a new duty station, two openings were available: San Diego and Hawaii. He requested orders to be with his brother on the USS Santa Fe in Hawaii and reported on board June 27, 2005.

Last year

With a unanimous vote at its Wednesday, Nov. 18 meeting, the Susanville City Council waived the first reading of an ordinance that would add a chapter to the city’s municipal code banning the cultivation of marijuana with the city limits.

Jared Hancock, the city’s administrative officer, noted the discussion regarding the ordinance “has been ongoing for many months,” and the council tabled consideration of the ordinance earlier in the year to accommodate medical marijuana growers who had already planted their gardens.